Geocode addresses quickly and easily online - worldwide.

You geocode your data, for example from an Excel list, directly in your web browser. In just five easy steps, you can see all your addresses on a map. You can then check the geocoding results, edit the data manually and download it as an Excel or text file. The tool is designed for users who want to enhance a list of addresses with coordinates in a few easy steps.

All without installing any software or needing expert knowledge. Simply register, upload your address list and geocode.   TEST JOINADDRESS WEB NOW!  
Registration and testing are free of charge. No notice or cancellation required.

JoinAddress Web - advantages at a glance


Always available

With the online geocoder you can geocode directly in your web browser. No need to install any software. Register and geocode 400 addresses for free!

Worldwide best quality

With JoinAddress Web you can geocode your addresses worldwide in the best possible quality.

Upload and download of Excel and txt files

Upload and download your address data as an .xls list or txt file.

Online Geocoding with JoinAddress Web
Here is, how it works:

  • 1. Register or login
  • 2. Check your Excel list or txt file and if needed prepare it for geocoding (e.g. enter a country code)
  • 3. Create a project and upload your address list
  • 4. Perform the geocoding and check the results (directly on a digital map)
  • 5. Download your address list complete with coordinates as an Excel or txt file

Features: JoinAddress Web offers you the following:

  • easy to use
  • modern tool for worldwide address geocoding
  • Geocoding in just a few steps
  • Manual editing (map-based)
  • Upload and download of Excel lists and txt files
Registration and testing are free of charge. No notice or cancellation required.
The JoinAddress Web geocoder is perfect for tablets. Gesture control allows you to easily zoom in and out of map sections.

Prices for JoinAddress Web

Choose one of the following volumes:

Addresses Price in €
1,000 Addresses 165
5,000 Addresses 660
10,000 Addresses 1,089
25,000 Addresses 1,419
50,000 Addresses 2,079
100,000 Addresses 3,179
200,000 Addresses 3,729
500,000 Addresses 7,029

The above prices are net prices. Customers and businesses in Austria must pay 20% VAT. Companies from EU countries who provide their UID number do not have to pay any VAT. Private customers from EU countries must pay the applicable VAT for their country of origin. Businesses and private customers outside the EU do not have to pay any VAT.

What is Geocoding and why Do I Need It?

Geocoding enhances data with geographic coordinates. In other words, the data is assigned XY coordinates. Intelligent software searches a reference database for the appropriate coordinates for your addresses. The process also takes country and language-specific characteristics into consideration. Geocoding allows you to display your addresses on a map as points or as geometric shapes for an entire area. Thus, geocoding is the basis for geomarketing.


Who is behind JoinAddress Web

JoinAddress Web is a product from WIGeoGIS. WIGeoGIS is a provider and expert for geocoding, geomarketing and WebGIS / mapping software. For over 20 years, WIGeoGIS has been providing geomarketing analyses as a service and developing GIS/mapping software for international companies to analyze large amounts of data in a spatial context and visualize the results on a map.



To learn more about WIGeoGIS please visit

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Other Web Applications from WIGeoGIS

JoinAddress Web focuses exclusively on geocoding and displaying addresses as points. If for example, you wish to calculate and display sales territories, catchment areas or potential areas on a map, you need geomarketing, GIS or mapping software.



WIGeoGIS, the provider of JoinAddress Web, also offers three different software solutions for just such cases:



WIGeoWeb for regional market analysis

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WIGeoWeb SalesNet for sales management

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WIGeoStandort for expansion and location analyses

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Meeting mit Geocoding- und Geomarketing-Experten WIGeoGIS


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Simply register on the start page of the application, purchase a contingent, upload your data and start geocoding. The first 400 addresses are free. Your addresses are temporarily stored on the WIGeoGIS geocoding server. The data is then processed on the server. After the geocoding process is finished, you download your geocoding results, in other words your starting addresses enhanced with geographic coordinates. You can then delete your address list from our server.
You can upload your addresses as an Excel list or as a text file. The results are then available for download as an Excel or txt file.
The ISO-3 code is an international standard defined by the International Organization for Standardization. This organization defined country codes for each country providing them a unique, internationally recognized abbreviation. For example, the ISO-3 abbreviation for Germany is DEU, Austria is AUT and the United States of America is USA. We work with this international standard for our geocoding. If you provide an address with an ISO-3 code, the geocoder can immediately assign it to the respective country. You can download a list of the ISO-3 codes as an Excel file in the Help section after logging in or you can download the list as a pdf file directly here: download ISO-3 code as a PDF.
Generally, the geocoding accuracy depends on the coverage of the respective country. In places where the data depth is still low, detailed geocoding is not possible. WIGeoGIS works together with all the popular commercial data and service providers (TomTom, HERE, Bing) and provides the greatest possible accuracy for each country. The data is constantly updated, thus improving the accuracy.
The colors represent the geocoding quality. The quality indicates how accurate the address could be located on the map. Green represents exact addresses, in other words the pin marks a precise house number. Orange means that your address was found at the street level. The pin on the map marks the middle of the street where the address is located. Red represents addresses at a ZIP code or city level. This means your address did not contain a street name and only the ZIP code or city could be geocoded. The pin is displayed in the center of the city.

1. Incomplete address

The JoinAddress Web geocoder can only geocode the information that it is given. This means for example that if you upload an address with a city and street name but no specific house number, JoinAddress Web will geocode at the street level. The same is true for ZIP code or city level geocoding when your address only contains the ZIP code or city name but no street name or house number. It is not possible for the geocoder to know this missing information. However, in order to display the address data on the map, the geocoder will always use the center of the city or road.

2. Misspelled address

The address can also not be accurately located if it is not entered correctly or it is misspelled. A common mistake for example is reversing a letter or number. Please check the geocoding results in JoinAddress Web to make sure the addresses are spelled correctly. You can find instructions on how to check the geocoding quality and edit addresses manually in the Help section. Simply log in for access to all the information in the Help section. You will then have access to the JoinAddress manual and video tutorials.

JoinAddress Web is purely an online geocoder. It only allows you to geocode address data in your browser and visualize it on a map. If you want to display more information on the map or wish to perform further spatial analysis online, you will need so-called WebGIS or geo-marketing and geo-mapping software. WIGeoGIS, provider of JoinAddress Web, also provides tools for geomarketing analyses, for example WIGeoWeb for regional market analysis, WIGeoWeb SalesNet for sales planning and sales management and WIGeoStandort for expansion and location planning.
Geocoding means assigning an address a spatial reference using XY coordinates. It is also possible to link a GPS coordinate with the corresponding address. This is called reverse geocoding. Geocoding is what makes spatial analysis with addresses possible.
A geocoder is a combination of geodata and software that makes geocoding addresses possible. With JoinAddress Web Geocoder a WebClient communicates with the JoinAddress server and controls the geocoding process. The server communicates with different reference databases, such as TomTom, HERE and Bing Maps, and includes a logic with which the best possible XY coordinate for an address can be determined from the reference data.
A reference database is a database of addresses or roads containing addresses and the corresponding coordinates. The reference database is used for the geocoding process as a source of spatial data and for comparison. JoinAddress queries the different reference databases (e.g. TomTom, HERE, Bing Maps) for coordinates since some providers have more precise data in certain countries than others. Only the best and most accurate geodata ensures that the addresses are precisely localized and the pin is displayed correctly on the map.
Both are geocoders from WIGeoGIS. JoinAddress Web is the web version of JoinAddress and communicates with the JoinAddress server via a web client, which means you can use JoinAddress Web with your browser. There is no need to install any software. The JoinAddress geocoding software is also available as a desktop solution that can be installed on your company IT systems and integrated with popular databases such as MS SQL or Oracle. For more information about JoinAddress as an in-house solution, please visit: